Friday 10th March –

This week I had a meeting with a choreographer called Tynika and we worked out some rough ideas for the music video, we spent a good hour and 20 mins talking about ideas, how I can accomplish this but on thinking it over I have decided to not go down this route as its super complicated and could fall apart super quickly. Over the weekend I have to think of something I can do/ Ideas. I am also doing my research I am determined to get it done within the next week and the week after, I am currently researching the practitioner, Rashida Leah Jones, and my competition which is other people who have done music videos for “Bave”(amateur).

Monday 13th March –

Today I have decided to completely redo my idea, as I was struggling with my idea that I have chosen and couldn’t completely nail down an idea, but I have finally decided on an idea which will be good to do, I got my inspiration from a kurt schneider video, Since my laptop charger broke I have started to write my journal on here instead of on my laptop, I am trying to find the work I had done on it, Bibliography, and Journal.

I have decided to make a video using inspiration from the video “Maroon 5 Medley – Victoria Justice & Max Schneider” ( ) In this video Victoria Justice and Max, walk around the house singing  a melody of Maroon 5 songs, But the lyrics are in random places around the house, for example, in photo frames on the wall, on shirts, on pillow case’s, on windows, on the wall, hanging from the roof etc, and as they sing the song they move to were the lyrics are, I love this idea, especially because I don’t need to rely on a bunch of actors to turn up I only need 1, I also don’t need to film for days stopping and starting because it can be filmed in one take although it will take many times to try and do it, it’ll be worth it in the end.

I have a meeting today to assess my grades which I think will go okay, I don’t think I failed to much but I can never be to sure, I have to make sure to keep everything up to date and take more time to get work done and actually complete the work I had a meeting with Chris  and he said I needed to upload my floor plans which I haven’t done but I know I need to, I WILL GET THAT DONE TODAY! I will need to draw them again since they are at home though, I am also going to be getting as much research as I can do and finish a bunch of journal entry’s and then I will feel a little bit less stressed about the amount of work I am doing

Monday 20th March

This weekend I did the research –

Research legal and ethical issuesResearch – Target AudienceResearch – Competition

These weren’t super hard to do but it took a lot of research for it, there is a lot more work I have to do on these but I wrote some out so I have enough for the pitch. I finished this work off not to long after that. I found the information on websites such as – for legal and ethical
you gov for target audience but most of that is self thought up  for my competition I researched different you tube links so i used youtube to find certain videos.
Thursday 30th March/ Friday 31st March

Today I  changed my idea/ foudn a way that actually is easier to do and it is going to look alot better than if I was to do my original idea, My idea I have changed to filming it and editing in the lyrics after the footage is filmed in editing. This is going to be alot easier since its super hard to find locations and preparing the props for all of them esspecially how id have about 43 words to disguise/ make into the video  and this way I think it will be both effective and easier. Now I am researching both whip pans and different text styles and efffects, researching this could be really good for when i come around to doing it. Yesterday I did a table of how I could put the words and where I could put them on the actress and was really struggling with it  but with this new idea itll be alot easier to do and probably alot more effective.

Also instead of using the entire lyrics from the song  I have chosen some key power words from each sentance to annimate and add to the video this will make the video alot more effective.

Sunday 9th april 2017

Its been super hard for me to keep up to date with this work since my laptop charger broke again but i’ve tried to catch everything up again

I started to think about my production a bit more, think about how I am going to go about getting it done, I had a conversation about being the main actress with a few of my friends but they were all really selfconcious so I am still left without an actress but I am looking for one asap.


Tuesday 18th April 2017

I have realized how bad I am with keeping up to date with these things, I can never seem to keep up to date, I am still trying to find an actress but I am also starting/getting some of the pre  production done, this week I have done the risk assessment and copied the lyrics down with a shot list as much as I can, with this project half the shots will be the same, mid shot of the torso & some from the shoulders up of the actress lipsinkng the song, I hope to maybe think of some more shots on the day, I will also put where the whip pans will go.

Monday 24th April

I have an actress and I start filming next Wednesday (3rd)  this week i finished off all pre-production work for filming on Wednesday, I may end up filming this Wednesday because it might be the right time but that is only if I can finish all the paperwork and stuff, I am still trying to figure out what paperwork I have to finish still, I might add some to my other work and maybe try some new test shots but I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I finished my Recce sheets I couldn’t get pictures from the places so I found some offline and I also put some maps from where the places are so you can see the directions of the locations as well as what the locations look like.


Wednesday 3rd may

So I was meant to be filming today but my actress dropped out last night,  the day before filming and so I am spending today finding an actress and organizing it all over again, I am asking a few of my friends I haven’t asked and looking at acting groups around Exeter and young actress’s in Devon and Cornwall.

Today I have to go over all the paperwork and make sure I have no work to complete  before filming. In the duration of writing about needing an actress I may have found an actress, funny how life turns out. If all goes to plan I maybe able to film next week and edit next week and be finished by the end of it. I have emailed the people of princesshay to get permission, just gotta wait for a reply

Friday 5th May

Today I finished the final shot list and camera angles and storyboard, i did this whilst watching bates motel, season 4 came out tis great so far!

18th June

So it turns out I’m really bad at uploading this stuff and keeping up to date, but regardless I finished filming and I’m on to editing now which is harder than I thought because during filming I lost half my footage and had to refilm this was fine but my phone had died so we had to guess the tune and therefor everything was out of sync regardless of this I still managed to make a strong piece of work and screened it on fmp night people seemed to like it so that’s a win to.




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