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I posted my video on facebook and asked for responses but sadly I didn’t get any so I went about it a different way

I went for getting my target audience but it turns out males enjoyed the video than some females I am still collecting responses but if I had more time id be able to collect a proper amount  of responses

There were a few ways I could get opinions on my video I went with a few different ways, I chose a specifically to put it on Facebook and on YouTube and also I showed some people, the reason I tried so many different ways is because that way I get a range of different  opinions, I showed my video to a few people and asked them to send me an email with a response/opinions. My Facebook post didn’t get any responses but my emails got a fair few responses. 

So finally I decided to get some personal views on the videos/reactions.

When I screened my video to people I was really worried they wouldn’t see it in the same light as I did, and I was definitely worried that they would notice the flaws and comment on them instead of the goodness in the video, when I screened it on fmp night it was completely different though I was very proud to see it up on the screen. 

If I had more money and if I was showing it in real life for a company I would do a lot more to get more responses for example I would get a bigger target audience and organise focus groups, I’d put it on social media, use radio and tv to show clips of the film to catch people’s interest, these are great ways to spread it over a wide area

I think screening your work is a very good thing to do because it gives you an idea of what the public want, I was suprised to know that more males liked my video than females and found it more entertaining I’m not to sure why this is though. Overall I think screening your work is an important journey and should definitely be done by everyone regardless of what the work is.


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