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Did you meet your stated aims?

In my project my aims were to create a light hearted  beat music video that will make people dance and smile and I feel like I accomplished that really well, the music video I created was both bubbly and upbeat and I think I accomplished this really  well I also had the aim to enter it into a film competition but I decided against this idea just because I didn’t think it was suitable for one but It would be nice in the future to create something that is suitable.  I also stated that I would be using a variety of different equipment to create my video and i did use, cameras and fig rigs which really helped keep the video stable as I was walking in-front of her, throughout this project ive found that having to follow a guideline was actually really hard since my project developed and evolved I wanted to change it alot.

  • How does your work compare with your chosen practitioner?

In my opinion my work is a lot different to the original in many ways, for example, my version is of one person and is very focused on her, it also doesn’t have any dancing in it which is a big part of the original. My video in my opinion is more direct and more personal to the viewer than the original because it is singing to the viewer throughout the song.  My chosen practitioner is Rachida Jones she creates music videos of all different kinds and her work is really good, I think My work is very different to the original version. In comparison to the original I used only live footage the only person staged was the main actress and much like the original i did have people walking around in the background but they were not staged an they were all natural. Also like the original I also used lip syncing but due to loss of footage half way through and general technical problems the lip syncing is very much out of sync overall though I think the syncing was a good effort.

  • Did you make any changes? Why? How did your concept develop?

I made a few changes for example, I took the dancing element out of the idea mainly because it would be super hard to get everyone in sync and to be able to do the same  dance etc I also changed the video idea by not putting the words on the screen as previously planned to, I tried to do that but it ended up looking way better when the words weren’t there as if the words cheapened it. I looked at alot of different effects but it didn’t look very good with the words on.

  • Does the finished product appeal to the target audience?

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.41.46.png

As you can see from above the target audience was 17-25 year old women the song is about being brave and striving for greatness and so the audience has to be someone who is striving for greatness and for someone who feels brave and usually D – c1 in social groups, When I showed my audience my final product I found that more males actually liked it than i expected, I didn’t have enough time and resources to get more results and responses, if i had more time id have alot more responses but overall I  found my target audience did like my video. I think the video is super lively and energetic it catches the attention of multiple people not just one kind and thats why it is not super audience specific.

  • How well does the product reflect your skills and the things you have learnt this year? Is it an accurate reflection of your skills? Are you proud of it?

I learnt A lot of good skills for this shoot  but I didn’t use all of them, though my video was a very strong representation of what I can do except i know i can do better if i was to try again, This year I learnt what it is like to work for a company and actually follow some guidelines, I had never made a music video before this so this was my first time and not only was it the most important project to date it was the most fun and most nerve wracking, I think personally my Final major project this year is so much better than any previous years and therefor am really proud of the work this year but I know using the skills I learnt through out this year.  My skill overall in mu opinion probably isn’t as high as id like it to be but they do get higher every project I think, especially this year and this term I really pushed my ability and really am proud of what I have come out with this year, In my opinion I could’ve done a lot better but its a very good piece.

  • What would you do differently next time? What did you learn? What would you do differently if you had a larger/unlimited budget?

If I was to this again I would be a lot more careful and precise when doing the lip syncing and  I would be more careful with footage since I lost alot of my footage in the process of filming and had to reshoot, in the long run this was better for the video but I wouldn’t  what was planned in the original planning of the video, speaking of planning id do that alot better next time my planning wasn’t as good as it could be but it turned out okay in the end. I would also be alot more organised with filming I would already have planned my locations before and each shot before hand, If i had an unlimited budget id go to alot more locations to film id film on more days and id hire alot more crew and actors If I could do this video again with unlimited money and time It would be alot better although the video is good i am personally proud of some of the scenes/shots, The actress (Tynika) was one of the main reasons the video looks as good as it does especially because how lively and energetic she is, she brings the energy to the video.   To conclude, I really enjoyed this project and am proud of the outcome, there are a few parts id happily do again but at this moment I am happy with the results.


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