Proposal – FMP

Centre Name and Number: Exeter College – 54221

Student Name and Number: Maddie Smith

Project Proposal Title and Date: Brave – Sara Bareilles 

Main Pathway/Medium: Music Video – Brave By Sara B 


My progress over this year has dramatically improved with every project, I’ve learnt new things with every project for example I learnt how to do a Corporate video and I learnt what its like to deal with a real life company, I learnt what its like to work in a group on a live television show I also learnt about the paths towards university and how I can achieve the things I need to, to get to university, I also learnt a lot more about other options and things I could do other than university for example apprenticeships and full time jobs this for me was a great thing to learn about because it allowed me to see how much I want to go to university.


My project is going to be a music video for the song Brave by Sara Bareilles, My music video will be between 3 – 7 mins no longer than 7 minutes long since the song is only 4 mins long, it will be a light hearted and the tone will go along with the songs theme, It may have dancing in it but I am currently unsure on the final idea. My aim is for it to be screened at a music video festival, I have a couple festivals I am looking to enter it in to, I will choose a few and enter it into a few different ones, for example  SXSW in Austin, America, Branchage in jersey. Throughout this project I am going to be conducting a lot of research for example I will also need to research Festivals, Entering dates, and costs, Legal and ethical rules on the festivals, also my practitioner Rashida Jones, My competition, which is other people who have made a music video of the same song, and also previous winners of the music video competitions/festivals, I’ll also have to research my target audience and who they are, as well as, concepts, ideas, topics, etc related to my idea and test shots and technical requirements for my project and costs, budget and production issues, all this research will help me develop the best possible video i can and tot he best standards. I will be using a range of kit though out this project for example, Rigs, cameras etc and as I am thinking of  singing the song instead of using the official version I will be using some sound equipment and recording equipment, I will be doing test shots for this.


During  the project I will be keeping a journal of my progress In this journal I will track every decision, every change etc I will be doing this in a word document as its easier to keep up with, but also on filming days I might make a couple vlog’s and film some behind the scenes this will be good to reflect on for the evaluation, I will be able to look back on the times and dates of decisions made. At the end of the project I will evaluate by writing a written evaluation this will be good because I will be able to make sure I have everything and didn’t miss anything out.

 Production Schedule – May change


Bibliography so far 

  • keeping it on my computer as a word document so heres a screen shot

 Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 22.05.17.png

Journal so far

  • keeping it on my computer as a word document so heres a screen shot



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