Pre production – test shots


For my fmp I am using whip pans as my technical requirements. So I tested out making a couple whip pans, they were quite difficult to grasp at first but the I understood what to do and managed to get the grasp of the technique. I think i can successfully use this in my project.




my film plans to have the same shots throughout the video for example these two shots are the shot I will be using. I practiced my framing and my stability, but mainly the camera angles and distances of the footage, I already knew what shots I was going to use so i didn’t need to film a vast amount of different shots.

I love this shot because it shows the emotion of the actress and the focus isn’t drawn from her face.



this shot is mainly to test the word editer on final cut pro 10, on this one i’m probably going to have more time with trying this one again because I feel like I could do better on this one and I could find better ways for the words to come up on the screen.


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