Research Evaluation

During my research I  came across many struggles and actually changed my idea completely I changed it from a group with each character having an individual back story and individual scenes in the video and having the actresses learn a dance routine to match everyone else but then I changed it from that to another idea, of having just one or two people dance around a building and have the lyrics on the walls in strategically placed, places and this in my eyes was the best option but I then changed my idea a lot again I changed it to just one person lip sinking, in front of the camera and then animation of the words around the actress put in after filming in editing. I researched some different font types and which ones would look best on screen.

I also researched whip pans and how to do them, that will be my technical part of my video I looked into how to make them the best I can in different locations I decided that they would be good for the video because I couldn’t decide on one location  but with the whip pans I can use a few different locations and it’ll look a lot better. During my research I found a couple different websites and research materials and they had been useful to the research I needed to gather.

The best sources for my project was the internet, I used websites (found in the bibliography) I lost some research half way through the research part because the charger to my mac that had my research on broke, but during the research I changed my idea for my project anyway so I needed new research regardless. The best research for it was the internet because there was more of it and it was more in-depth and I could find the research that I couldn’t find in other media materials such as books and surveys and talks although they are all great sources.

If I had more time and a bigger budget I would have scaled more interviews with more/ larger/bigger range of people, and also I would have done more test shots and filmed more and tested more things to help with  filming decisions. I wish I had done more test shots and more location scouting this way I would have been more prepared for the upcoming searches and tests.

In my research there were some sources i trusted more than others for example I decided the best thing was to not trust wikipedia so I haven’t gotten any of my resources from there, I did get a few good reliable websites though, except my results for my research aren’t super reliable because It wasn’t the best research I could’ve done I personally am not very good at research anyway If I was in a big company id definitely hire someone else to do it for me, But over this project I have learnt a fair bit about research and the importance of really good research


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