Research – Technical requirements & Budget

Whip Pans

  • how to do whip pans  –

I  think using whip pans will make my video alot more creative, it will add that little something to the video, plus it will allow me to use more than one location which is alot better than just using one location.

examples of location changes using whip pans –

Example of whip pan working really well in film –

Text Effects –


Animations and Text added in after filming –

I love this video, because it is a very simple video made to look as good as it does by animation of pictures and random lyrics. he is animated as well as the things around him. in this video he interacts with the animation.


In these videos we can see animation in words put in after filming, in editing, these videos are really good inspiration and really good ways of seeing what I want to create on the screen in other videos.



My project is very low budget the most I will need to buy are lunch for the actress and maybe a bus ticket for the actress if i decide to travel for the filming which would only cost 5.50 for a day rider, I still am deciding if i need to travel for it but i might not need to.


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