Research – Target Audience

My target audience for my music video is going to be, mainly females aged 17-25 because they are more likely to listen to this kind of music, but then again it can be for any age and expand my audience for all of these audience targets can be widened to get to a wider audience but this is a specific target audience.

because the song is about being brave and striving for greatness it would suit a succeeder because they are all about being self confident and they often seek out the best, which is what the song is about. I also believe that the appropriate social grade for the music video would be

D – C1 because it is about striving for greatness and being brave and becoming the best version of yourself and that is what the succeeder does. I think they hold roles of responsibility in society,the fact they are interested in the status quo means they tend to support it.

I went on the popular website YouGov Profiles but this website isnt the most accurate for profiling, I went on this website to see what I could find on my singer im studying but I couldn’t find anything on her since they had nothing on her but I then looked on taylor swift, another popular american female singer, the results were actually unaccepptected, it isnt what you’d expect and that leads us to believe it isnt the most accurate service. Capture


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