Research legal and ethical issues

Copy writing

Music is copyrighted and cannot be broadcast or reproduced for distribution without clearance or permission from the copyright holder  to do this normally you would contact the copy wright holder (the artist) and ask for there permission to use the song and they would reply either allowing you to or not allowing you to, the copy write the artists holds lasts for there entire life and 70 years after they have gone.

Using something that’s copyrighted without the artists permission can end in a £25,000 fine and one year in prison and that can get worse since this is the first offense.

the fair use act

The fair use act allows for limited portions of copyrighted material to be used for criticism, teaching, scholarship, news, or research without the permission of the copyright holder but unfortunately we don’t know of what the fair use act includes after a number of court cases have addressed the issue.

Talent Releases

Using someone’s “likeness” (a photo or a video of them) without their permission can get you into legal trouble – especially if you use that “likeness” for commercial purposes. But having someone sign a talent release can allow you to legally use the material.

location release

You need a release to film in some places, For example you couldn’t film in princesshay Exeter without  the permission of the property owner.Many supermarkets,casinos, restaurants, etc refuse to allow/forbid photography.






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