Research – Competition

My competition for this unit are amateur music video makers who have done a music video for the same song.

This video was made by an amautre film maker it was made by Tom Jorgensen the video uses the live version of the song it is also more acoustic than the track I am using, I find this music video to be okay, good for the purpose but it could be better.


This one is made by Mary Desmond  in this she uses  her own singing which is what I am looking into doing she uses quite bright colours and she also uses a narrative to tell a story of the words, I am not looking to do that anymore but I do like the light bright colours and I will use that.

This video is a mash up of the song brave and true colours, this is a gorgeous music video about termanly ill cancer patients who go and explore the beauty of colours and express themselves with paint

In this video there are a couple of female dancers who go into the street of nyc they slowly get more and more people to dance with her, in this video I like the use of energy and the editing. I hope to use a similar amount of energy, making it upbeat and energatic.



why i like them

what ill take from them

bad and good

what i learnt






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