Research – Concepts and topics

Bravery & Courage

The concept of being brave is something that alot of artists have perseaved bavery in different ways. for example, in this video they express what courage means to them, and who is the most couragous person they know.

In this video they talk about how they think that bravery is, everyone has a different opinon but some are very similar to being brav, couragous, standing up for yourself.

This ted talk is by a women called Reshma Saujani she talks about when she ran for congerous and how that was the first thing she did where she was truly being brave, she also talks about the gender sterotypes of what were tought as children and how that effects us in further life.

She speaks about how because the way women are brought up we wont go for the dreams we want if we dont have 100% of the qualifications, also how women are brought up to be perfect and boys are brought up to be brave.

(She taught a coding class to teach more people code) women dont tend to go for these kinds of jobs/courses because they dont think they are good enough due to society.

Men – Professor theres something wrong with my code

Women – Professor theres something wrong with me.

I agree with this video, and her points,

Both of these art styles are very different but they both reprosent Bravery and beign courageous to the artist. Both of these are powerful in there own way.

The Leap of Faith - Harry Kottler-(aka.-Chitrakar)I Think I Can -  RichardDanon   In my video I could include parts of all of these, If I was  still doing the dancing, id talk to my choreographer about how I could incorpaorate it into the dance.




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