Evaluation – live Tv show

My jobs inside and outside the studio were:

  • Opening sequence
  • filming camera 1

My groups Live tv show was a game show called “Try not to”, It was about trying not to the show consists of 3 games, try not to.. laugh, cry, miss and in these all have there own rounds within them for example in try not to cry first we have a sad advert then we have story time with Callad (the presenter) and in try not to laugh we have funny clips then comedy with Callad. We also had 2 contestants  and 1 presenter . The target audience for this show is female age 30-50 years old, Mainstreamers, D-E Maybe C1 social grade.

There are plenty of positives and negatives within the show for example some positives are the split screen we used when showing the clips so we could see the clips and the contestants reactions to the clips, the set worked really well, our colours are purple and orange this was a great combination because it was bright and colourful, it was eye catching and kept the viewer watching, we had a screen at the back behind the panel of contestants and presenter that had our logo on it and on the white background we had orange and purple circles to add decoration to the background, the lighting was purple and orange also this added more eye catching decoration.

My pre production role was more of  production role for my job was to make the opening sequence for the show itself, so during rehearsals I filmed some parts and some people and put together am opening sequence this wasn’t to difficult but we had to think of what to do for it, since for the idea I originally had the set wasn’t complete in time so we had to come up with a completely new idea but we did as a group and I managed to film and edit it together ( you can see this in the video uploaded at the bottom of the screen).

Watching the show back I am impressed how the contestants knew what camera to look at and impressed by how good the camera angles looked good, also how no one forgot there lines and how it was equal and not bias to one specific person or religion making it watchable for everyone we also made it as Pg as we could so kids can watch it to. I liked our use of music it is catchy and it grabs the viewers attention, especially with the title sequence that is light hearted, and colourful and has some great music. But not only has there been positives there have been some negatives for example, in our show we used Vox pox in which the audio wasn’t very good and it could have been clearer. And if we had put the rounds in a different order it would have been a lot better since we decided to put the best round first the rest of them weren’t as good, also the contestants  we found weren’t the most lively and some of the time they just looked bored and like they aren’t enjoying themselves and so the show wasn’t as entertaining as it could have been. The colours on the logo contrasted a lot therefor they didn’t show the design on the logo as good as it could have been. In reference to the group work, in some parts of the project we worked particularly well but in my opinion we could have worked better in some parts and certain people in the group could have worked better. Overall I think the work we did and the show we made worked really well overall and the finishing product is good.

Finished product


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