Live Tv Show Project – My show

My Idea –

A series of behind the scenes blooper reels from movies/tv shows that are famous at the moment.

Chosen Channel –  BBC one

Chosen time slot – Friday – 8-830pm

History of the time slot –

2015- January –

2TH – Eastenders

9TH  –  Eastenders

16th – Eastenders

23th –  FA cup

30th – Eastenders


6th – Six Nations Rugby

13th – Eastenders

20th – Eastenders

27th – Eastenders


6th – Eastenders

13TH – Comic relief

20th – Eastenders

27th – Eastenders


3rd – Eastenders

10th – Eastenders

17th – Eastenders

24th – Eastender

– MAY –

1st – Eastenders

8th – Eastenders

15th – Eastenders

22nd – Eastenders

29th – Room 101

– June –

5th – Eastenders

12th – Eastenders

19th – Eastenders

26th – Eastenders

– July –

3rd – Eastenders

10th – Eastenders

17th –  Eastenders

24th -Eastenders

31st – Eastenders

– August –

7th – Eastenders

14th – Eastenders

21st – Eastenders

28th – Eastenders

– september –

4th – Eastenders

11th – Eastenders

18th – Eastenders

25th – Eastenders

– October –

2nd – Eastenders

9th – Eastenders

16th – Eastenders

23rd – Eastenders

30th – Eastenders/BBC news reginal news

– November –

6th – Eastenders

13th – Children in need

20th – Eastenders

27th – Eastenders

– December –

4th – Eastenders

11th – Eastenders

18th – Eastenders

25th – Call the midwife – 730 – 845

This slot has mostly got shows such as Eastenders and only on special occasions does it have shows like Comic relief and children in need, this means that the show has a specific slot and it is in routine. Eastenders, is mostly watched by the older generation (personal opinion) and so it is a great thing that it doesn’t move and is in a scheduled slot because some people of the older generation like to be in routines and so if it were to move it may become a problem. Because the slot is at 8:830 this could mean it could be the time children are in bed by and the adults sit down maybe with there dinner to enjoy the show and relax after work. There are a couples times where shows take the slot instead this could mean Eastenders wasn’t on for example, 25th Dec , 29th May, 6th Feb, 23rd Jan this is where the slots are filed by shows that don’t have a special occasion (comic relief or children in need) this may be because there was a special episode of Eastenders on or it may be because it just wasn’t on, on that day.


– Audience profile – (YOU.GOV PROFILES)

I did the audience profile for people who watch eastenders since its the most common show played at that slot.

Gender – Women (mostly)

age 30-60




Northan  Scotland

 Polotics –

right wing

Profesions –

Community and social care


Military and defence

Monthly spare –


General interests

Animals and nature


UK news

Crosswords and puzzle

Newspaper cartoons

– most likely to get a bird as a pet –

In my opinion this conclusion is about right, the type of person who would watch television at this time would defiantly fit this description, i used the website “GOV.UK’ this website is great for finding the profile for people who are interested in the topic, for this search i did the search of Eastenders because in the time slot research the most common result for show at that time is and I personally think that the results for the audience profile is pretty accurate.

The audience I believe is accurate for this slot would be female age 30-50 years old, Mainstreamers ( the people who live in a domestic world ) the type of people who buy more family named brands, that offer value for money, the type of people who need security in there lives, I believe that this is a good show for them to watch because it has the same people in every day normal problems and the slot is regular and always going to be on at that time so they have security and can feel better about knowing it’ll always be there, I believe the social grade of this audience type is anything from E to C2 maybe C1 but thats at a push, more of the population is  these two, giving them a higher chance to be Mainstream.

– Ideas –

  1. A programme of Behind The scenes of television shows and films that are well known and popular it’ll be an entire show of blooper reels it will be in the style of “you’ve been framed”, to host this show we will have someone light and entertaining such as Jimmy Fallen, James Corden these are very strong comedic personalities.
  2. A panel show programme where they discuss conspiracy theories and  they get actual real life fact files from past mysteries and famous conspiracy theories on it, on this show we also would get comedians on to panel it as well as people who know a lot about conspiracy theories. The comedians we would have on are people like Lee Mack.


I think these shows will appeal to the target audience because they are programmes  that you can sit and relax and watch, you don’t really have to pay attention to hard. These programmes you can watch when you get home from work or a busy day and it will be on at a regular time much like Eastenders which is good for the target audience because they appreciate routine and appreciate regularity. Also because they both have a comedic factor to them I think it will be better for them because there isn’t so much drama in the shows even though that is a reason why they like Eastenders, but these shows still give the same feeling to the viewer for example in the first show will be showing celebrities messing up and making mistakes and the second one will have heated debates between comedic personalities which can cause drama between the panel. I think these shows will really appeal to the audience for all of these reason.

– Proposals –

name 1 : Caught of guard 

Duration & Concept & why TA – compare viewing pleasures

My programme will last half an hour with ad breaks at the start and end, in this time there would be two films behind the scenes/ bloopers, the films that would be shown are films that are popular and at that particular time, the clips shown from them are funny and clips where they mess up, My show would also include an animated  title sequence  and indents as well as a well written comedic script for the presenter  to create an atmosphere of comedy within the show, there will be voiceovers of jokes over some of the clips for extra comedy.

To truly understand why the target audience would like my show we have to look at why its on the time it is and what else is on at that time, the one show on in that time is Eastenders people watch this show because theres a lot of drama in the show an the character’s life is usually really bad and so it makes them feel better about themselves, and so they enjoy watching the show, with my show the audience can watch famous actors and actresses mess up there lines and fail, this will give them the same type of viewing pleasures as watching a soap like Eastenders or a show like You’ve Been Framed.


Name 2 – Conspiracy theories 

Duration & Concept & why TA – compare viewing pleasures

This programme, will be a panel show where comedians and comedic personalities  discuss conspiracy theories and  even though the theories are real and the fact are 100% accurate the show will be light hearted because there are comedians and they will tell jokes and create a light hearted show, the show will be half an hour long as most shows are this length and it won’t take over Eastenders it will just push the viewing back or forward of Eastenders so it fits that slot, like before I understand the target audience of Eastenders and I think viewers will enjoy this show because it is light hearted, funny yet has the drama that Eastenders viewers want/love. On my show I will have comedians such as Lee Mac, David Mitchell, Noel Fielding, Robert Webb and many more, Each week there will be 1 or 2 new guests. The show will show clips on some conspiracy theories linked in for example the Disney theories that they are all linked.


Mood board for both shows –


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