My corporate video – Burn The Witch

For my first meeting, i went into the studio and asked them if they would like to have a corporate video and we discussed it then, and at that point we came up with a plan in person, they told me to  message them on face book to come up with a date and day since the man i talked to had to talk to the manager for dates before hand, heres the conversation we had on face book about having our first meeting,


In this meeting, we talked about when we want to film, when everyone is free, what they would like to have in the video, what time they’d like me to come in, how long they’d like the video to be and we came to a few choices of things to do and times, we decided to film on friday the 30th sept at 9am, I made a note about everything we had come up with, these are the notes.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.20.28.png


  1. Tell us about yourself?
  2. Tell me about the business and how it started
  3. peak about what you do around here?
  4. Speak about your journey through tattooing and how you started and how far you have come.
  5. Did you always want to be a tattoo artist?


  1. Tell us about yourself and your role here at BTW’
  2. When did you know you wanted to become tattoo artist
  3. Do you ever regret a tattoo you’ve ever done on anyone

(I ENDED UP NOT USING THIS AS I DIDN’T NEED A VOICE OVER, I didn’t need this  because I ended up not putting a voice over in it and I ended up just putting music in the background)

Specific target audience profile

The audience i am aiming for are people who are interested in getting tattoos this is useful because the customer is a tattoo parlour and so everyone who’s interested would be interested in tattoos,  On i couldn’t find the official profile for someone who’s interested in tattoos which is quite disappointing because i cannot find the different audience profiles for the types of people who are interested by tattoos and are likely to get a tattoo.

I did some research and one particular website says the reasons people get a tattoo are, To identify themselves, to honour loved ones, for style, prison and gangs, for profit and other reasons such as to cover up scars and permanent marks.

Formal project brief signed off by the client

Dear __________

Following our meeting we agreed the details below

I will provide, a 30-1 minute long video, the video will include,  sweeping shots of the shop, shots of outside the shop as well as inside the shop, close ups of the clothes, videos of them tattooing, we originally agreed to have burn the witch play but because of the copyright i couldn’t get that as a backing so we agreed on finding a copy right free backing track, I also agreed to give you the clips that i have filmed as well as the finished product, for your use.

You agreed to provide, access to film on the 30th of September at 9-00/10-00 and the 3rd of October. Also feedback on first draft and the drafts after that.

There will be no charge and the film will be provided to you for your use, completely copy right free, this video is for your use if you wish on anything that you want.



Maddie Smith

Exeter College – Devon

(I  did get it signed and I had it printed out, but by the time i went to upload it I couldn’t find it, so I had done it I just don’t have the piece of paper to show for it)

Production Schedule

I didn’t write the production schedule because, I had finished the work before I needed it, I finished the work quickly and effectively without having to use one, But I think that if the project I was doing was a lot bigger and i had more people involved I think I would’ve needed one.

Permission Forms –

I got all the forms for the permissions to film but I have uploaded only a few as I have alot of them to upload.

StoryBoard img_7541

With this one, I didn’t know what I was going to shoot so i drew out the shots I knew I was going to shoot.

Health & safety/recce/location paperworkscreen-shot-2016-10-02-at-15-10-37




For this project I think I put in about 10 hours of pre production and about 2 days of filming adding up to about 8 hours of filming overall, and 10 hours of pre production, adding up to spending 28 hours on this project overall i would suggest my work be 20 pounds an hour at a minimum and at 560 a week If it was my job I would need to be paid more so I would probably put my rates up depending on my age and my company that i’m doing the video for, and how experienced I am at the point of filming.


During this project I have come to realise, that there may be a career in corporate films for me, I believe that if i wanted to i could make corporate films in my future, I made a corporate film for the business Burn The Witch Tattoo And Apparel, when I presented  my film to my client they were very pleased with it and they said they would use it on there face book page and in a advert they have going up in guildhall. They were pleased with the shots and the types of shots I had used, they were quite shocked by how good some of the shots were and how impressed they were by the film, they had told me that there was a girl who had tried to do one before but it wasn’t very good and so they were impressed by what I had done especially as I am only a student, they said that it looked professional an that I did a super good job on it, there were certain shots that they thought were better than others such as the shot of the stairs and the shots of the wall of designs they also loved the split screen effect I had put on, I used the split screen effect to show the artists work, I used a split screen of 3 shots, (as shown below)

This is useful because you can see the tattoo artist in work but also you can see the finished product and there finished design this way you can see how they work and the type of work they’re good at. I think my video was very much fit for the brief and it was exactly what I planned to make, I think my video actually came out better than I thought it would and I’m really proud of it, I hadn’t used the split screen effect and time lapsing before so that was great to learn and use new skills, I learnt a few new things in this time, such as time lapsing, grid of 3, filters, I learnt how to do colour correcting on certain clips and how much difference it makes to the film itself.

If i was to do this project again I probably wouldn’t change anything, the video i made came out just as well as id hoped and the planning was done ahead of time, the only thing id change if i had to change something would be, Id bring all the forms into the first day of filming get them all signed and out of the way, this way I can get all the legal/permission out of the way before I filmed, but I did manage to get the permission anyway and i managed to get everything signed even i they were signed on different days.

In the future I will be looking out for other business’s that need corporate videos and start building up my experience with corporate videos but this time I will charge for the videos I would like to definitely  make a profit out of the skills I have learnt from this project and hope to take the knowledge I have into my future endeavours.




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