After college – Progression

Self Audit



5 University courses

Bristol, University of the West of England (UWE) (B80)

Filmmaking (W293)

Falmouth University (F33)

Film (W610)

University of the Arts London (U65)

Film and Television (W601)

Met Film School (M73)

BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking (3-Year) (J2A7)


BA (Hons) Film Production and Cinematography  UCAS Code:PW36  Institution:B50  Delivery: Full-time

I chose not to go to these places because, I found a better University, one i didn’t even expect to look at,

2 work experience –

1 apprenticeship –,mediapublishing

other career choices –

My other choices for my future is to get a full time job and do some corporate films on this side, also maybe some wedding films and some other films, start getting my name out there whilst also applying for work placements and/or work experience in production companies, this way I am not giving up on being a directer I am simply doing as much as i can to get my name out without having something to guide me along.



Those moving scenes, that one perfect song, those striking actors. Film is an industry that inspires, empowers and moves billions of people every day. I aim to work in film because it is my dream to have the opportunity to touch so many lives through the simple use of sound and image on screen. I believe that the Film industry will give me the chance to use my talents to change the outlooks and perceptions of audiences all over the world. 

 For as long as I can remember I have been moved by film. Watching “My Sister’s Keeper” by Nick Cassavetes the film was both inspiring and very emotional I was very inspired and moved by this film and it lead my love of film and the power they can have, so many other people feel the connection to this film as well as myself but also some people find the film overly romantic and weepy, this interests me because the amount of controversy the film created. Other inspirations of mine include, Tim Burton as his films really impress me and I love the dark turn he puts on his films, as its a completely opposite theme to what you’d expect from a children’s animator.

 By the time I leave college I will have studied media production for the last three years. During this time I have developed a wide range of skills such as I can use a wide range of different cameras and audio recording equipment, I am fully trained in both Final Cut Pro – 7 and 10, Radio kit, pre-production planning and paperwork and scriptwriting, I also understand legal issues and regulation.

 I have worked on a broad range of films in a variety of different roles (short films, adverts, experimental films, TV sequences, Videos based on a single emotion. Recently I worked on a corporate film for a real life client, for this I contacted the client and negotiated a brief then we set up a day to film and from there i filmed and edited, When I gave the client the finished product they were happy with it and they immediately said they are going to use it on their website. My favourite part of learning media was defiantly corporate videos and working with real life clients and dealing with actual business’s .

 Outside of college I am always working on film in my own time as well. I have had a number of jobs and with every job I learn new skills and life lessons such as how I am a very trustworthy responsible person, I now understand how to budget and how to plan well, I understand the legal and ethical regulations of the media industry. I also watch a lot of films  and this  teaches me new techniques and new skills.

 As a regular person I can sometimes struggle with having bad days . Over the years I have built in coping mechanisms to deal with panic attacks and feeling down but I am proud of the way I am overcoming the problems I have faced.and can say that they are virtually none existent now. And on the level 3 UAL course I have developed the confidence and the skill to be the person I am today. . I am realistic about going to Uni – I understand that I will have tough days but I know I have the will power and motivation to push myself through these.

 I look forward to studying film at UNI because UNI for me is a chance to gain more  freedom and allows me to express myself and to challenge myself, I also believe it is a chance for me  to grow as a person, In terms of opportunities I hope to work with professional equipment and learn new skills as well as test my old skills I also hope to meet new people in the media industry, I also would love to be able to create new and improved content and show off my skill even more.

In UNI I will be, Hard working, Professional, Motivated, My goal in life/ Ambition is to work on some short films building up my skills and abilities and then eventually make some longer full length feature films, once I have done a few feature films I hope to give some to some independent cinemas such as “The picture house” and maybe get my films in cinemas and work myself up from there, I think its very important to start from the bottom and gain skills and work your way up the media ladder.


I applied to Screenology in Bristol, here is my offer, I have to get 260 ucas points and c in maths and english, I had to message them about the maths because I didn’t/don’t think ill get it but I had a conversation and they have reassured me that I would be able to keep my place without it, that I’m only short by a bit and they will let me come in without it. (I have  a few emails conversing the situation but I only put this one up since there are a lot of them)

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 09.26.19.png


At the start of this project I didn’t really want to go to university, I started researching some and I thought I would look into going straight into the industry try find work at some production companies, but with further investigations I realised that even though I might want to go to university and defer for one year and work in the industry this year and go next year, I was really unsure on what I wanted to do, after a lot of researching and searching for jobs and production companies I could only find a few that take on work experience/interns, I was then persuaded to go to an open day for the university/film school called Screenology in Bristol with my boyfriend who was looking into that university, at the start of the open day i wasn’t to sure about it but then after going to the open day I absolutely fell in love with Screenology, I learned loads about the film school/university and by the time I had left I just knew I had to get a placebo not only did I just know I had to get a place this year, In my mind It wasn’t a questionable matter I just had to do it, after the open day they sent me an email and I booked an interview with them and got myself a place, the interview was scary and really hard to do, I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect I was very unprepared I was 100% sure I wouldn’t get my place there but to my surprise I did manage to. My process I think was actually really good since I went through all different roads to what I wanted to do since I was very unsure of what I wanted to do.

There are many different roads I could have taken and I personally think this film school is the best for me since It is both one to one help and still allows you to have freedom , it’ll help me to become more of an individual person and still get the help I need if I need it, but also I looked into internships and work in production companies but none of them looked as good as Screenology, I looked into other universities as well such as Bristol UWE and Falmouth, London, Plymouth these are all great universities but none of them caught my eye like screenology did. I was going to take a gap year and experience living alone and having a full time job but i quickly changed my mind, I decided against this since I knew If I tried hard enough I could do it this year, and I could have help along the way from my tutor. I know that I have made the right choice. I am currently working really hard with my maths work as well as my media because even though when I asked the people at Screenology about my maths because I am only a little below the entry requirements it is fine if I do not have my maths but even though I was told directly that I do not need to worry about it I still want to get a C just so there won’t be any later complications.

If I was to do it again I would probably do it the same way as I learnt a lot about the different routes I could’ve taken I learnt what I could do in the future and how I would go about that, I still might get an apprenticeship after Screenology with a production company and because I looked into them before I know now how to go about applying for them.


– Link to my media cv –


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