Friday 10th March – This week I had a meeting with a choreographer called Tynika and we worked out some rough ideas for the music video, we spent a good hour and 20 mins talking about ideas, how I can accomplish this but on thinking it over I have decided to not go down this […]


Did you meet your stated aims? In my project my aims were to create a light hearted  beat music video that will make people dance and smile and I feel like I accomplished that really well, the music video I created was both bubbly and upbeat and I think I accomplished this really  well I also […]


I posted my video on facebook and asked for responses but sadly I didn’t get any so I went about it a different way I went for getting my target audience but it turns out males enjoyed the video than some females I am still collecting responses but if I had more time id be […]

Proposal – FMP

Centre Name and Number: Exeter College – 54221 Student Name and Number: Maddie Smith Project Proposal Title and Date: Brave – Sara Bareilles  Main Pathway/Medium: Music Video – Brave By Sara B  Rationale My progress over this year has dramatically improved with every project, I’ve learnt new things with every project for example I learnt […]